Name Changes, Gender Changes, and MIT ID Cards

If you are a member of the MIT community and have gone through the process of a name change and/or gender affirmation, you can follow the steps outlined below in order to change your that information within the MIT system. The process is different for students, alumni, and employees, so please click on the appropriate link for directions.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the policies listed below, feel free to contact the appropriate offices and/or contact LBGTQ Services

Name Changes

You can change your administrative first or middle name at at the “Biographic Information” section. This name is used on class lists, grade sheets, IDs, and most MIT systems like the MIT Directory, email, and calendaring. 

For more information and for faculty, staff, and affiliates check the Knowledge Base article.

For legal name and gender changes in Massachusetts, see information on the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition website.


Changing your Kerberos name requires a legal name change. For more information about that, please find some helpful resources for different US states here. For more information specifically about Massachusetts check here

Some people create an alternate email account (an alias) that has their chosen name if they choose not or cannot have a legal name change. More information can be found here on both creating an email list and changing your Kerberos.

ID Cards

MIT ID Cards can use preferred names for students and employees. For more specific information for how request new ID cards to reflect your preferred name please refer to MIT Atlas Service Center link on Preferred Names. 


MIT can change an alumnx's name if there is a legal name change documentation. For more information check here.

Diploma & Graduation

Currently, Registrar’s office will only allow students to have their chosen name read out loud for graduation, however unless there is a legal name change MIT’s policy is that students must have their legal name on their diploma.  For more information about how to have your chosen name read out loud and what that process looks like please contact the Records Office.  If you would like support in this process or have any difficulties please reach out to LBGTQ Services.  

For more information:

Registrar Name Change Information

Knowledge Base Article on Name Changes at MIT

Card ID Office

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition page on Identity Documents