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MIT Opens All-Gender Restrooms

Honoring the right of every member of the MIT community to have reasonable accommodations and access to campus facilities, this spring MIT launched a pilot project designating multi-stalled, all-gender restrooms in different areas of the campus (4-201 and 5-316).

With clearance from the Massachusetts State Board of Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters, four non-residential restrooms on the MIT campus are now open for use by all members of the community and visiting users, inclusive of all-gender identities. These are facilities with multiple stalls, and are in addition to the more than 80 single-stall all gender restrooms across campus. At the conclusion of this one-year pilot, MIT will seek state approval to make the four pilot restroom designations permanent.

Privacy modifications have been made to the stalls in the designated restrooms, and updated signage identifies them as all-gender. Once the pilot is complete, the project team hopes to identify a moderate number of additional restrooms in various locations on campus that may also be modified for use by all members of the community. This project is organized by a collaborative team of students, faculty and staff, with the support of LBGTQ @MIT, MIT Facilities, and the Provost's Office.